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Association of Young Businessmen Liquidated

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 11 November Judge of the Supreme Court Valiantsina Kulik satisfied the suit of the Ministry of Justice to liquidate the “Association of Young Businessmen”.

The reason for the liquidation was a violation of the order for registration of the juridical address during the registration of the association in 1999. The young businessmen also refused to change the title of their Head, who, according to their Statute, is called President, while the officials insist that the country can have only one President. This opinion is supported by the Ruling of the Soviet of Ministers that allows using the title “President” only when referring to the country’s governor.

All alleged violations in the organization’s activity were found by the Ministry of Justice by filing a letter to the “Association of Young Businessmen” with the demand to present information about the organization and its activity.

The “Association of Young Politicians”, filed in 1999, ran editorial activity, issued the bulletin “Kirmash” and gave juridical consultations and other support to youth engaged in small business. The organization activists distributed their bulletin at the country’s markets. The “Association of Young Businessmen” actively participated in the mobilization campaign on the eve of the Presidential election of 2001.

Alilaksey Yanukevich, Head of the control and revision commission of the “Association of Young Businessmen”, thinks that the association was liquidated for its activity during the campaign of 2001. “It is usual revenge of the authorities to the youth which pays interest to the events that are going on in the country”, -- said Mr. Yanukevich, -- “the present regime can’t forgive to young businessmen their interest to political life. It understands the danger of engagement of young businessmen, active and perspective social group, into politics and public life. That’s why the present authorities try to ruin the bridge between young businessmen and politically active youth.”

Yury Chavusaw,

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