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Russian Committee for Civil Rights Urges Lukashenka to Stop Persecution of Belarusian Human Rights Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

“Committee for Civil Rights”, headed by the member of the Russian party “Yabloko” A.V. Babushkin, sent a letter to A. Lukashenka and directed a copy of the letter to President of the Russian Federation V. Putin.

In the letter it is said: “”Committee for Civil Rights” and other human rights organizations of Russian are concerned with the persecution of human rights organizations of the Republic of Belarus by the Republic’s authorities…

There are attempts to liquidate Human Rights Center “Viasna”, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Union of Poles in Belarus and many other organizations that are known for their conscious position on human rights issues and civil liberties in the Republic of Belarus, their support to citizens and aspiration for democratization of Belarusian society.

I think that the policy that is aimed at suppression of the germs of the civil society and the initiatives that appear in Belarus will lead to escalation of the political and legal tension in the country as it liquidated the channels of dialogue between the power and the society with the assistance of which the authorities can hear the society and consider its position while taking their decisions.

Instead of this they use repressions against the authoritative organizations that enjoy support of hundreds of thousands of the country’s citizens and violate the constitutional right of citizens to liberty of associations and unions.

We are especially surprised with the inconformity of violations and inaccuracies in the work of organizations that result in warnings and liquidation suits, and the actions of the authorities who care not about correction of these drawbacks in the activity of public associations, but use these drawbacks to lynch independent public associations…

The fact that You, dear President, have signed the Decree which limits the right of public associations to represent the interests of citizens that are not members of these associations as well as adoption of the legal act about establishment of State public associations show that the authorities of Your country have stepped on the wrong way of suppressing the unsanctioned public activity and struggle against the independent civil society.

We urge You to stop persecution and intimidation of NGOs in Belarus, establish in Belarus normal conditions for activity of human rights and other associations and work for civil peace and agreement in the country.”

“Committee for Civil Rights” also stood for the well-known Belarusian journalist and human rights activist Valery Shchukin. In the letter to A. Lukashenka the Committee asked to rehabilitate V. Shchukin at his apartment and order to reconsider the suit about his eviction or provide him with other apartment.

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