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Celebration of Viktar Hanchar’s Birthday

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Every year on 7 September the Hanchars and their friends celebrate the birthday of Viktar Hanchar. This year Viktar’s wife, Zinaida, was getting ready to accept guests, when, at about 15 p.m., smelt smoke. Hanchar’s flat is on the last, 9th floor. Above it is the technical floor, where the fire started. Soon the fire engine came. However, the firemen couldn’t get to the technical floor as it was closed (it is interesting how incendiaries got there then?). That’s why the fire was being extinguished from the outside.

As a result, the Hanchars’ flat was severely damaged with water that was pouring down from every hole. Now it is without electricity and telephone connection. The wall paper, furniture and parquet were completely spoiled. The water got even into bookcases and wardrobes. The guests that have gathered in the flat by this time, took the water out with buckets.

Now the Hanchar’s are in shock. They hope that the appropriate services will investigate the incident and compensate the damage done.

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