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Bishop of Union of Gospel Faith Christians Accuses "Respubika" Newspaper of Religious Enmity Fomentation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Bishop of UGFC Siarhiei Khomich (telephone No. 219-00-94) appealed to editor-in-chief of "Respublika" newspaper Anatol Liemiashonak in connection with an article published in the newspaper on November 20. The bishop stated that this article was fomenting religious enmity and such articles had already inspired a number of assaults on Gospel churches. Here is the text of his appeal:

"Dear Anatol Ivanavich!

The article published with your permission on November 20, 2002 "Profits and Flaws", makes many gospel believers of our country think over Jesus Christ's words: "They haunted me and will haunt you…". This persecution can't but make me anxious as Head of UGFC that has more than 50 000 people. The high status of your edition established by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus sink into a reverie. Until late high-level officials of the Committee of religions and nationalities have unanimously convinced Heads of protestant confessions that the news law on religions will favor stability and peace in the multi-confessional Belarusian society against the background of religious wars and conflicts in many countries.

What concerns the essence of the article, the thing is not in activity of the public association "Ray of Hope" that has no relation to our churches which the author should know. Besides, I should specify that donations are the main source for functioning for existence of churches.

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