Police apologize for illegal detention of activist in Mahilioŭ

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Mikita Fartukh, an activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) in Mahilioŭ, has received apologies from a police officer who illegally detained him on November 15. It happened after the activist complained to the Prosecutor's Office.

According to Mikita Fartukh, he was invited to the police department in connection with his complaint filed in the Prosecutor's Office, where the policeman who detained the activist apologized for the illegal detention.

As an explanation, the police officer told the activist that he was detained because of the tense situation that has developed in the world, including the armed conflict in the Donbass, the war in Syria, and terrorist attacks in France.

Mikita Fartukh was detained on November 15 when campaigning in central Mahilioŭ for the abolition of President’s Decree No. 3 “On prevention of social dependency”. The activist was approached by men in civilian clothes, and a few minutes later he was detained by a police officer who told the guy to follow him to the police station. After giving explanations for about an hour, Mikita Fartukh was released without charges.