Observer is told that the ballot box was cleaned and the ballots changed their places

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Alena Shabunia, observer at polling station No. 68 in the Pieramajski district of Viciebsk, photographed the ballot boxes for early voting in the evening of October 10 and in the morning of October 11.

In the morning, the ballots inside the ballot box were lying differently. Now she keeps getting replies to her complaints.

“There was no serious discrimination into this case. When I photographed the ballot boxes in the evening and in the morning, I saw the difference, printed the photos and attached them to my complaints to the prosecutors' office, Central Election Commission, Viciebsk Regional Election Commission and the chair of commission No. 68 Aleh Anatska.

The prosecutor's office answered that the cases was to be investigated by the Investigative Committee and I needed to go there and file an appeal. Doing it on the election day was senseless and meant only wasting time instead of observation. The commission chairman, who had been suddenly summoned somewhere, returned only in several hours. He said that the ballot box had been cleaned, that's why the ballots had changed their position. “They must have been playing football or bowling with it, then,” says the observer.

She draws attention to the fact that there are two doors at the polling station that is located in the assembly hall of the plant “Vićba”. On the eve of election day, she was invited by the commission chairman to come to the polling station at 7.30 a.m. When she came at 7.25 a.m., she saw that all doors were already open and the ballot boxes were standing in the room. She didn't find any marks of cleaning on the ballot box, but noticed that the position of the ballots in the box had changed.

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