Educational institutions of Brest join intimidation of local activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At first Palina and Andrei Sharenda were summoned to the prosecutor's office. Later, representatives of the education department of the local executive committee tried to get into their apartment in order to find in what conditions they were upbringing their 6-year-old son.

What regards the writ to the the prosecutor's office, Andrei and Palina refused to go there. “As it was stated in the writ, they allegedly had wuestions regarding a lawsuit for compensating damages to a legal entity", said Palina Sharenda. “However, we haven't done any harm to anyone, that's why we decided not to go to the prosecutor's office”.

A few days later they got a call from the psychologist of one of Brest schools and an officer of the education department. The essence of the talk was that these persons wanted to inspect the conditions in which the 6-year-old son of Sharendas was raised. “When I asked whether it was done on demand of the KGB, they in fact confirmed that they got such an order from there,” says Palina Sharenda. “However, we aren't on the register of people with a low social status or alcoholics. Why are they paying such an attention to us then? I link it solely with politics and the decision to increase the pressurization on the eve of the elections.”

Palina Sharenda also reminded that recently her husband has been twice detained by law enforcement agencies, and once more – at the Belarusian border, when the customs officers seized from him seven flags of the European Union.