"Station Kharkiv" launches "Targeted Assistance"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Public reception room of Station "Kharkiv"

Public reception room of Station "Kharkiv"

The essence of the program "Targeted Assistance" is to help persons in solving very difficult specific problems.

Many immigrants have particularly difficult circumstances. Getting the standard set of aid - food, personal items, hygiene products and medicines – is not enough for them. "This situation requires an individual approach", believed volunteers. Such internally displaced persons have the opportunity to appeal to the points of "Station Kharkiv" at the railway station or on Marx Street, with their specific needs. The volunteers will to everyone and prompt where the necessary assistance can be received.

"One of the persons whom we have helped in the frames of this project is Dmytro. He is in a particularly difficult situation, since he has to support his family in Kharkiv, being blind. Station “Kharkiv" helped him to compensate the long-term rent of premises. There are many people like Dmytro. They continue coming to Station and really need our help."

Among persons for whom the issue of targeted assistance is most acute there are pensioners, people with disabilities and women with small children. These categories of citizens are often left alone with their difficulties.

"Ala (in the photo) has a vascular disease. If she receives no treatment, her arms and legs get weaker. Recently she has fallen on level ground and broken her arm. She has no children, her parents are very old, and she didn't manage to get them out of the ATO zone, so they stay in Sverdlovsk in Luhansk region. She left her application at the hot-line of Station “Kharkiv” without a special hope, believing that no one would care about her problems. When she received a call from the volunteers, she thought it was a joke and no one would come. Back in autumn, Sverdlovsk and Chervonopartyzansk had been shelled from Hukovo, that's how he got homeless. The foodstaffs, brought by the volunteers, would be enough for her to sustain herself for about three weeks. She was saying goodbye to the volunteers with a smile: now she believes that somebody cares about her in this large city.”

More information about the work of the Belarusian volunteers can be found at section "Human Rights Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine" on our website or at the Facebook account of the mission.