Human Rights Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine: working with migrants

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Belarusian volunteers continue to work actively in the "Human Rights Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine", organized by the Human Rights Center "Viasna". The mission is operating in Kharkiv at the public charitable organization "Station Kharkiv", and plans to expand its operation to other cities – Chernihiv, Lviv and Odesa.

The volunteers report about their work in the mission diary, sharing their impressions and thoughts:

“Another day at Station Kharkiv loaded Belarusian volunteers with work with "humanitarian aid", the clothes collected for displaced persons. We also continued to interview refugees on the work of local welfare centers. Here's an example of an old man's life: “I have been a pensioner since 1998. Before that, I had worked as a miner. I had a good pension and bought apartments for myself and my daughter. However, I had to leave Lugansk. All this has been destroyed, there is no property, no pension any more...” It's interesting that this man is not angry at separatists, but pities them as short-sighted and unwise people. He says there are some miners among them, but they are very few. The man is a supporter of a unified Ukraine and believes that Lugansk will return under the control of the Ukrainian state.

More information about the work of the Belarusian volunteers can be found at section "Human Rights Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine" on our website or at the Facebook account of the mission.