Yury Belenki appeals actions of Minsk official to prosecutor's office

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Yuras Belenki. Photo by svaboda.org

Yuras Belenki. Photo by svaboda.org

The leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenki has appealed to Minsk prosecutor, seeking the punishment of the deputy head of Minsk City Executive Committee I. Karpenka.

The politician believes that the official exceeded his authority by independently taking the decision about the payment for the services on guarding a mass event, authorized by Minsk CEC, “Dziady” rally, organized by Mr. Belenki.

In his complaint to the prosecutor Mr. Belenki reports the following: "At a special meeting at Minsk City Executive Committee with the participation of the organizers of the rally, police officers and Minsk City Executive Committee, held on October 27, 2014, the question of paying for the services of the police was raised. The deputy head of Minsk CEC Yu. Uralski stated then that the question would be considered. However, as it was found later, during the administrative proceedings under Article 23.34 against me at the Pershamaiski and Leninski district court of Minsk, Minsk CEC hadn't taken decisions regarding the payment for the services, as demanded by the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Mass events in the Republic of Belarus” and the “Rules of Minsk City Executive Committee …". Therefore, there are no dates and numbers of the appropriate

Thus, there are signs of abuse of authority by the deputy chairman of Minsk CEC Ihar Karpenka, who, in the absence of the rulings of Minsk City Executive Committee, take the decisions on the payment for the services on his own.”

Mr. Belenki asks the prosecutor to take prosecutorial actions in connection with the illegal actions of the deputy chairman of Minsk CEC and bring him to justice.

Let us remind that it was because of this violation of the order of holding of the rally in Kurapaty forest and procession on “Dziady” (Forefathers' Day) on November 2, as well as in the suburb of Lošyca, Mr. Belenki was punished with three fines, the total sum of each is 11,250,00 Belarusian rubles.