More than 20 000 Belarusians demand to repeal the "Decree on spongers"

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Authorities are proposed instead of fighting "spongers" to provide a decent salary.
Today more than 20 000 people have signed the petition on directed at the Aliaksandr Lukashenka's press-service to repeal Decree No. 3 "On Prevention of Social Dependency". The petition was created a week ago. Today more than 20 000 Belarusians have signed it.

Its initiators state that the Decree violates the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Forced Labour Convention (No. 29), the Abolition of Forced Labour Convention (No. 105).

"So, a woman with three children is not obliged to work. But a woman with two children who takes care of them and do all the work in the house is a sponger. And does she now need to pay for engaging in a household? Come to yourself! First of all, let you provide people with a decent salary for at least Br5 million. And stop dismissing people!" Natallia Kazak from Minsk writes.

"We pay taxes on roads, land, real estate, VAT". Where is your free medical care? We paid for treatment of child's teeth. A doctor said that only cement was free. At school we pay for books and classroom repair. Does it mean that I do not participate in the financing of the government spending? Whom must I finance? Where is the justice? " Valery Hlushakou from Mahiloŭ asks.

"There is a huge wave of dismissals in Viciebsk! My father works 5-7 days a month. He seems to be the employed person, but, in fact, he is not. My mother has problems with health and in her 49 no employer wants to hire her! They all want employees of 27-30, maximum 40 years old! Only 40-50 persons are for a position of conductor or janitor! They are ready to work but where? Should I save money for my mother was able to pay nobody-needs-you tax? I'm scared to live in this country and give birth again. I wish we could survive", Victoryia Stralets from Viciebsk believes.

"I am 54. Work experience is 38.5 years. Will it mean I am a sponger in case I decide to help my daughter with her two babies under two? Government, you are crazy", Alena Karoukina from Barysaŭ writes.

Lukashenka signed Decree No. 3 "On Prevention of Social Dependency" on April 2, 2015. The commentary to a decree says this legal act is published "to encourage able-bodied citizens to work and to ensure the fulfilment of their constitutional duty to participate in the financing of public spending".

The document obliges citizens of Belarus, residents from foreign countries and stateless persons who do not participate in the financing of government spending or participated in such financing less than 183 days in the past year, on payment of a charge equivalent to 20 basic units.