Brest Social Democrats apply for May Day demonstration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Chairman of the Brest regional organization of Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Ihar Maslouski said that over the past fourteen years the city executive committee authorized such a mass event only once, in 2013.

This year's demonstration is planned under the slogan “The State does not fulfill obligations to its own people". According to Mr. Maslouski, the even will be dedicated to the protection of labor, social and political rights of the citizens of Belarus.

of all, we want to draw the attention of the public and the authorities to the systematic non-compliance with the state's obligation to its own people”, he said. “The state has not created and does not create the conditions for full employment, nor does it guarantee the employed workers the level of income which would guarantee them and their families a free and dignified existence. At the same time, a “tax on the unemployed” has been introduced. Throughout the world, there is a practice of the introduction of "tax the rich", but not vice versa. Therefore, during the demonstration we are going to protest in connection with the adoption of Decree №3 «On prevention of social dependency" and will demand its abolition."

Moreover, the demonstrators want to remind that authorities about a number of unsolved problems associated with the need to build schools, kindergartens and health institutions in the districts of Brest, the need for timely and quality repairs of roads, landscaping yards and construction of playgrounds.

The intended number of participants of the rally is 500 people. The organizers note that the application was filed in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution, the Law "On mass events in Belarus" and the International Covenant "On Civil and Political Rights."