“Lukashenka Go Away” tattoo author searched

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Yury Rubtsou

Yury Rubtsou

Investigators from Brest are looking for the person who tattooed "Lukashenka go away" on Yury Rubtsou's body.

"I was questioned, but kept silence". Then eight other prisoners of the open correctional facility, suspected of it, were questioned. As far as I know, they failed to find out the tattooer and left. I guess it is not the end since they have been ordered to resolve the issue. One of the consequences of my tattoo is that I am always watched. Every half an hour someone drops into the room to see what I do. Even when I go to the sports ground to pull the barbell, they immediately follow me. They keep their eyes on me", YuryRubtsou told journalists of Radio “Liberty”.

Before Freedom Day the political prisoner tattooed "Lukashenka go away". Explaining it, Rubtsou recalls that a year ago he was arrested after the Chernobyl March for a T-shirt with the inscription "Lukashenka go away" that was torn off and destroyed by the police. "Now they can't do it if only with the skin", Yury Rubtsou said.

The public activist from Homel is sentenced to a year and a half for allegedly insulting the judge KirylPalulekh of Savetski Court of Minsk. Yury Rubtsou reacted with a word "bastard" on the judge's decision to try him naked to his waist, the way he was brought from prison in Akrestsin Street. Belarusian civil right activists believe Yury Rubtsou is a political prisoner.