Civil society activists not admitted to session of Hrodna Regional Council

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Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

February 10, members of the civil initiative “Tell the Truth” didn't manage to get to a session of the Hrodna City Council.

Though they have an application for attending the session in time, the police guards were ordered not to let them in.

“According to our information, today members of the council are to consider amendments to the local legal acts regulating the relations of the bodies of territorial self-government. Despite receiving an official answer that all sessions are held openly a year ago, we have been prevented from coming to such a session today without any explanations,” commented the coordinator of “Tell the Truth” in the Hrodna region Zmitser Bandarchuk.

As reported by him, the activists wanted to find about the possible amendments in this sphere of the local policy. Now they intend to require a written response from the regional council concerning the reasons for which they were prevented from attending the session.