End-of-Year Websites Blocking Will Stay a Mystery

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We remind that BAJ requested information from the official agencies on December 22; websites naviny.by, charter97.org, udf.by, gazetby.com and some others had experienced troubles with access since December 19. BAJ requested to hold an inquiry, restore access and bring trouble-makers to responsibility.

The OAC replied that it did not take any actions to limit access to the websites mentioned. Besides, operators of data communications network said they had not taken any such actions, either. Operators claim that on December 19 a massive attack on data communications was registered, but defensive measures did not influence the websites’ accessibility.

The department of investigations of IT crimes of the MFA replied that, according to information provided by Beltelecom, there were no restrictions on access to the mentioned websites. The reply says technical resources of the websites are located in foreign states, the USA, Ireland and Russia. The department found it impossible to establish the reasons for the access troubles. The department informed that information about blockings, grounds for such actions can be obtained from the State inspection on electro communications of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization. The inquiry is over because “the events do not bear public danger and do not contain constituents of administrative violations or criminal offence”.

The General prosecutor’s office, which replied yet in mid-January, also said it was not involved in the matter, did not know anything about decisions of the kind from other state bodes, and re-addressed BAJ’s request to the Ministry of Communications and Informatization.