Brest activist fined for portraits of missed politicians

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Andrei Sharenda was found guilty under Art. 21.14 para 2 ("insanitary conditions") for pasting up information posters.

The Commission of the Administration of Maskouski district of Brest represented by Kaminski A. V., the Deputy Chairman of the Commission, Secretary Jaros V.M., members Klachkova T.S., Khavauka T.A, Shastak D.A., Protsyk T.P., Hladyshchuk E.Y., Kuklina N.G. considered an administrative case.

The oppositionist was told to appear in the court on January 28, but today he's been informed that the trial was held without his participation.

The activist believes the trial on the second protocol drawn up on January 16 will not yet take place.

"I guess there is no a trial under the second Article yet. But it will be held when occasion offers and if the circumstances are different. It happens most likely during the next campaign. The authorities have two more months for it. It is not the police who makes decisions but another body. When the protocol was drawn up I was told directly: It's none of your business ", he said.

It should be recalled that the activist Andrei Sharenda was detained on January 16 in the morning in the trolleybus. Riot police officers stated that the oppositionist looked" like a man committed a crime". First, he was drawn up a protocol under Art. 17.1 Administrative Offences Code (disorderly conduct) then under Atr. 21.14 (violation of rules on public services and amenities) for he was allegedly pasting up leaflets with portraits of missing politicians.