Aleh Trusau: Eurasian Union kills Belarusian language

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Aleh Trusau, Chair of the Belarusian Language Society

Aleh Trusau, Chair of the Belarusian Language Society

A special group on issues on legal equality of the Belarusian and Russian languages has been formed.

Radio Racyja learned it from the Council of the Belarusian Language Society.

The society head Aleh Trusau says the step was caused by the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union, which rules will begin to work in the nearest days.

“Under the law, all goods should have labels in Russian, while the Belarusian language is declared to be optional. The Eurasian Union kills the language. If we do not change the Law on Languages now, the Belarusian language will disappear from ads. We want to raise this question again. The Belarusian Language Society is against this union. Consequences of the union begin to show themselves,” Aleh Trusau says.

Members of the group will analyse the situation and appeal to the “house of representatives”, suggesting amendments to the Law on Languages to make the Belarusian language mandatory alongside with Russian.

Aleh Trusau recalls that the Constitutional Court earlier admitted in response to a request from the Belarusian Language Society that the balance of using the Belarusian and Russian languages was not always kept in practice.