Syarhei Kavalenka on hunger strike for the sixth day

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Syarhei Kavalenka, an activist of the conservative Christian Party BPF, sentenced to 10 day arrest, is on hunger strike for 6 days already.

His wife Alena informed BelaPAN.

"He is on hunger strike for the sixth day already. Yesterday he had a usual state of health. Today I haven't called him yet", Kavalenka said.

According to her, the husband intends to appeal the verdict.

It should be reminded that 39-year old Siarhei Kavalenka has been studying in Poland since 2013 and he came home for holidays a week ago. He was arrested on 24 December, shortly after hanging out a big white-red-white flag at an apartment building in the center of Vitebsk.

December 27 Andrei Preis, the judge of Pershamajski District in Vitsebsk, sentenced Kavalenka to 10 day arrest.

According to Alena Kavalenka, Siarhei was found guilty of disorderly conduct under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code. He was accused of doing the deed in public and resisting arrest.

The wife of activist called lawlessness the situation in the court. She emphasized that her husband had been denied access to his lawyer. Instead of it, he was provided the duty lawyer who did not, in fact, protect the accused.

Kavalenka is serving his sentence in a remand prison in Vitsebsk. He should be released on January 3 about 5 p.m.

Syarhei Kavalenka was detained by police on several occasions. Three years ago he was tried for hanging out a white-red-white flag on the main Christmas tree in Vitebsk. In prison he went on a hunger strike, which lasted for about two months.