Proceedings for liquidation of “Memorial” postponed to December 17

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Oleg Orlov, a member of the Board of the Russian society "Memorial"

Oleg Orlov, a member of the Board of the Russian society "Memorial"

Today the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice has postponed consideration of the claim on the elimination of the "Memorial" to 17 December.

Earlier, the "Memorial" has sent a
petition to the Supreme Court for postponement of the consideration of the claim of the Ministry of Justice to dissolve the organization as the human rights defenders intended to hold a conference for the possible introduction of amendments to the organization charter, reminds Kasparov.Ru site.

According to the head of the H
uman Rights Council Mikhail Fedotov, "assisting" the "Memorial" in amending its charter is a common task for all parties including the Ministry of Justice.

his turn, a member of the Board of the Russian society "Memorial" Oleg Orlov believes that though the court could not but grant the petition of the organization, it does not mean that the verdict will be in its favor. According to him, the claim for the elimination of the “Memorial”, filed by the Ministry of is a clear manifestation of political pressure.

"In the current situation, obviously, the
ir task seems to be a complete clear-up of the civil field”, commented the activist on the timing of the action against the "Memorial". He added that the dispute of the human rights center of the dispute with the Ministry of Justice had lasted 1.5 years already.

Mr. Orlov noted that the organization doesn't agree with the requirements of the Ministry of Justice and considers them as illegal chicanery, but intends to fulfill in order to be able to continue its activities.

Let us remind that the Ministry is particularly dissatisfied with the fact that the organization has no national status and documented maintenance of statutory activities. In their turn, human rights activists say that the Ministry of Justice requires them to function "in the party or military manner".

It is worth noting that the "Memorial", as well as many human rights organizations, has refused to register as a "foreign agent", as required by the law on NGOs engaged in political activity and receiv
ing funding from foreign sources, adopted in 2012.