Andrei Bandarenka declares a hunger-strike in prison

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Andrei Bandarenka. Photo by RFE/RL

Andrei Bandarenka. Photo by RFE/RL

The father of the imprisoned human rights activist, Valery Bandarenka, reported the reasons to FFE/RL.

“He went on a hunger-strike as a result of a provocation against him. Somebody spread the rumours that during his first prison term he was allegedly kept in the same cell with a man with a low social status, and therefore such status was to be spread on him as well. Among other things, it means that he cannot sit at the common table in the dining hall. As a result, he refused to eat at all. He comes to the dining room and says that he refuses to eat.

So far, he hasn't been put in the penal cell for it, but the situation doesn't change. Moreover, the colony administration prohibited all prisoners to contact with Andrei Bandarenka for fear of punishment. I know that my son has had a meeting with the head of the colony, but don't know about the results of the talk. I am also trying to get an appointment with the colony administration, but don't have any positive results so far,” said Valery Bandarenka on November 10.

In August Andrei Bandarenka was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of malignant hooliganism. He didn't agree with the charges. At the same time, he apologized to the women who suffered from his action. In October, the appeal of Mr. Bandarenka was turned down by the Minsk City Court.

Valery Bandarenka has applied to the Department of Corrections, asking to send his son to the Mahiliou colony. He regards the direction of Andrei Bandarenka to the Babruisk colony, where was unlawfully kept in 2009-2010 and, according to his words, was tortured, as revenge.