Ihar Alinevich released after 30 days from isolation ward

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Ihar Alinevich

Ihar Alinevich

Political prisoner Ihar Alinevich spent 30 days in an isolation ward of Vitebsk colony. He was punished with a isolation ward for refusing to wash toilets.

Parents of the political prisoner Valiantsina and Uladzimir have got a short meeting with their son. Also, the parents brought to him a food parcel and warm clothes.
Valiantsina Alinevich said "Svaboda" that the meeting lasted for hour and a half through the glass and the phone, which certainly was not enough. She and her husband saw Ihar for the last time in June, before his transferring from Navapolatsk colony. During this time, Ihar only once rang from "Vitsba."
Valiantsina Alinevich said:
"Son didn’t say much about any troubles and hardships. Said that we should read Salzhenitsyn, because he wrote everything. I think that at the very peak of the test to a person comes understanding about the importance of some things in life. Son looks pretty good, though became thinner and spent 30 days in a cell without fresh air. However, we saw absolutely peaceful and free man. To the meeting Ihar put on his favorite scarf that two years ago former Polish political prisoners presented him. Son asked a lot about his grandmother, who recently died, but he didn’t receive letters about it. Also he receives only those newspapers that the administration decided he should read. "Novy chas"(New time) and "Svobodnye nowosti plus"(Freedom news plus), which were sent to him by the editors of these media, he didn’t receive."
Activist of the anarchist movement Ihar Alinevich served four of the eight years of sentence in prison. He didn’t admit his guilt (vandalism against the official buildings). And he also refused to write a petition for mercy. Behind the bars he wrote a book about his being in the KGB prison "Going to Magadan" ("Yedu v Magadan").