Activist Uladzimir Lemesh was detained in Saligorsk

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Activist of "European Belarus" Maxim Viniarski confirmed on Saturday the information about the detention of the activist of "European Belarus" Uladzimir Lemesh.

"Uladzimircalled me at 4 p.m. and said that he was detained without explanation. Since then, his phone is silent and he didn’t call me, "- said human rights defender Marya Kasian at 7 p.m. about Uladzimir Lemesh.
"I know no more than that is on the website " Charter'97 ". So, Lemesh was detained near his house and was taken to the local police department. But I do not know what the reason was. We really have such an activist in our structure, "- said Maxim Viniarskito to Svaboda.
Apartments of the activists of “Young Front” Ivan Shyla and Mikhas Tychyna were searched on September 16, as a result computers of the activists were confiscated. According to information from the police, at these computers they were looking for the evidences of the spread of pornography. It’s unknown if the detention of Uladzimir Lemesh is related with these events.