Vasil Parfenkou doesn’t receive his friends’ letters again

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Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by

Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by

Activist Volga Mikalajchyk is saying so, she regularly has been writing to the political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou.

Volga Mikalajchyk came to the colony in Gorki, where is held Parfiankou two weeks ago. She wasn’t allowed to meet with Vasil Parfiankou, and her parcel to him wasn’t accepted. Since then Volga Mikalajchyk sent several letters to Parfiankou and recently received a letter from him, from which it was clear that Parfiankou hadn’t received her letters and messages of other like-minded friends.
"They didn’t let me see him and parcel wasn’t accepted. When came back from the colony, I sent Vasil two or three letters: with magazines, newspapers and empty cards as he asked. And now I received a letter from him where he asks, why we are not writing to him. That means that he doesn’t receive any of our letters doesn’t even know that somebody came to him. "
Vasil Parfiankou was several times sent to the isolation ward, and for a long he is held not in the section, as most of the prisoners, but in the Ward-type Room that is made for violators. Parfiankou should be released this year in December. The former political prisoner was sentenced to a year in a colony with a strict regime for alleged violation of the rules of preventive surveillance, which was established on him after being detained for actions of solidarity with members of the Ploshcha in 2010.

Vasil Parfiankou - the only of the former political prisoners of the Ploshcha, who after the release in 2011, was again imprisoned for political reasons, according to human rights activists.