The police detained a young activist in Grodno

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Police detained social activist Volha Krapotsina in Grodno on September 19. The detention took place in the city center near the shopping center "Batorya". They took 17 leaflets with the text "Return the Crimea to Ukraine" from Volha Krapotsina, and she was taken to the police department at the Haradnichanskaya. There also soon came journalists. Human rights activist Vladimir Khilmanovich wanted to go to the police department together with the delayed, but it was not allowed. Everybody has been waiting for Volha Krapotsina for two hours, during this time the police made ​​the report of her interrogation. Krapotsina wasn’t released immediately, she was taken to her home - there was made a search. They didn’t find any printed materials, but the police took the laptop that didn’t belong Krapotsina.