Bobruisk journalist is summoned to court

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Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava

Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava

The case against a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Marina Molchanova is brought to court.
According to the press service of "Belarusian Association of Journalists" journalist is accused of working without accreditation for foreign media. The correspondent of the "Bobruisk carrier" Marina Molchanova charged with violation of Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code - illegal producing or distribution of media products.
The reason for the prosecution was the publication on the website of the "Belsat" TV channel in August 2014. The administrative report was drafted on Marina Molchanova on September 4. And visit of the local police department by journalist in that day ended with conflict. How the reporter told, a police lieutenant colonel Sergey Rud'ko first allowed her to make copies of the materials of the case, and then began to snatch them out of her hand using physical force.

The court hearing scheduled for September 18 at 3p.m. in Bobruisk.
It should be pointed out that drafting of administrative protocols against journalists who allegedly working without accreditation for foreign media, takes on the character of a real campaign.
There were already instituted administrative proceedings for alleged violation of the order of producing media products - working without accreditation, against seven Belarusian journalists during the summer and the beginning of the autumn.
At the same time, international media organizations have called on the Belarusian authorities to abolish the anachronistic procedure for accreditation, which violates the right of access to information. The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunia Mijatovich also focused on the need to abolish the compulsory accreditation of journalists during her official visit to Minsk on 15-16 September 2014.