Search into the independent journalist’s apartment

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Seven police officers broke into the apartment, three of them were in the form. They had sent a woman and she rang the doorbell. I opened the door and they entered. I said that I was against video recording but they continue to do it. Major Uladzimir Puhachou is ruling evrything. I don’t understand what they want. May be the reason is in the publications under my name on the “Deutsche Welle”, - said Ales Burakou by phone.

Ales Burakou learned in the end of August from a policeman, that the Mahilou Region KGB interest how one of the journalist’s materials got on the “Belsat” TV channel. The protocol of interrogation was drown up on freelancer.

Previously Ales Burakou was trying to find out from the police who was the attackers who hacked his web-site “Free Format”.