Decision on Belsat TM to Be Announced Tomorrow

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The prosecutor considers the violation of Mr Beliakou’s rights has been proved and the claim must be upheld.

The legal action over the trade mark Belsat was brought by Belarusian company dealing in satellite equipment against Belsat TV (Telewizja Polska S.A.) in May last year. The owner of the company Andrei Beliakou said his company suffered losses because names of the company and the TV sound alike. On January 27 the Supreme Court of Belarus dismissed the claim saying the plaintiff did not prove that he had exclusive rights for the trade mark. However, five months later the Presidium of the Supreme Court sent the claim for review because of insufficient investigation into the matter of the case.

New hearings took place on September 2 and 3. Both sides again reiterated their standings. Belsat TV representative says the channel is registered and administered from Poland according to legal norms. Mr Beliakou says he suffers loses because his company’s names sounds similar to that of the TV channel. He thinks his rights for the use of the trade mark have been violated.

On September 3 the prosecutor concluded that Mr Beliakou’s standing is well-grounded and the claim should be upheld. The decision will be announced tomorrow, September 4.