Brest: Social Democrats appeal actions of executive committee complain to prosecutor and State Control Committee

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The reason for the appeal was the information that the Brest Regional Executive Committee lent a ten-kilomenter part of the river of Mukhavets from the Border of Brest to the border with the Zhabinka district.

When the information about the rent agreement between the executive committee and “Belelektrabudmantaj” (“Belarusian Electro Building Montage”) proved to be true (soon the latter intends to organize there paid amateur fishing), the regional organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) announced the beginning of a campaign aimed at returning the river to to the public use area Mukhavets River. "According to the Law of Belarus "On Environmental Protection", this part of the river is a part of the natural area subject to special protection”, statedthe chairman of the regional organization of BSDP (Hramada) Ihar Maslouski. “This area of Mukhavets is uniquie, as there are spawning grounds and wintering pits. It has a very diverse ichthyo fauna. In accordance with the Constitution, subsoil, water and forests are the exclusive property of the state. In this case, lending a part of the river is directly contrary to the law, as natural water bodies can not be leased for the purpose of industrial fishing."

The head of Brest Social Democrats added that the aim of the appeals to the prosecutor's office and the control bodies is to achieve an appropriate examination concerning the legality of the contract for the lease of the river of Mukhavets. They contain an appeal to restore the legitimate rights of citizens to a healthy environment. "In general, we plan to give a broad publicity to this problem and will use all legal means to cancel the aforementioned contract," stated Mr. Maslouski.