Prison officers think Statkevich “capable of taking hostages”

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The wife of the political prisoner received a letter from the Mahilou prison.

Mikalai Statkevich writes how prison officers treat him, the politician's website informs.

“Two majors spoke to me. One of them said I am officially considered to be 'escape- and violence-prone' (which I already know). He also said I am 'capable of taking hostages'. It was new to me. I admire the courage of the two brave majors. They were in one room with such a dangerous person,” the politician wrote in a letter to Maryna Adamovich.

“Unfortunately, it was not the only bad news today,” she says. “It's the theatre of the absurd. I don't have other words for these accusations. They cause consequences that can make a prisoner's life worse. The old problems with correspondence have aggravated. Prison officers confiscate letters. Mikalai says other minor provocations take place.”

The political prisoner's wife explains the behaviour of the prison authorities with the notable activity “in the western direction”.

“The more 'promises' and 'positive signs' Europeans see, the greater the desire of the authorities to solve the problem of political prisoners by old means – through pardon applications,” Maryna Adamovich said.