Brest: former worker of "Savushkin product" denied payments to pension for membership in independent trade union

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Uladzimir Andrashchuk

Uladzimir Andrashchuk

An activist of the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry Uladzimir Andrashchuk wants to get a 15-million-ruble bonus payment to the pension from the management of the company "Savushkin pradukt". According to the collective agreement, he , being an operator of ammiac compressor devices of the sixth grade, was to have been paid this money during his retirement.

However, the enterprise refused to do it. The matter is that the collective agreement says that the money is to be paid out on applicatin of the immediate superior of a worker and with the consent of the CEO. Mr. Andrashchuk believes that by not paying the money the enterprise took revenge for his principled position. He has left the state trade-union, opposed the introduction of labor contract and continued working under a long-term agreement until his pension, despite losing a part of the wage as a result. He also helped workers to defend their rights.

Andrashchuk's representative in court, human rights defender Uladzimir Malei gave a critical assessment of the collective agreement. According to it, the head of the enterprise has a yearly income of 5.5 billion rubles and has acquired royal powers at the plant, and the workers didn't know about the details of the collective agreement for a long time. Andrashchuk was shown it only after the interference of the prosecutor's office. There it is stated that the workers who have worked for more than ten years receive additional payments to the pension – two minimal wages for every year of work and the 50th and 60th birthday. The retired workers who have worked for more than 30 years are given 8 million rubles and ten million rubles for every five years after this term. Despite these rules, the oldest and the most skilled worker has received nothing.

Head of the Brest TUREI unit Zinaida Mikhniuk is sure that it was done to intimidate all workers and show them they will be given nothing if they protest and demand anything.