Political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou refuses to work for prison administration

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Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by euroradio.fm.

Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by euroradio.fm.

Vasil Parfiankou was punished with solitary confinement for five days for refusing to enter the "voluntary work" in Horky penal colony.

He reported it to civil society activist Volha Mikalaichyk with whom he maintains a regular mail correspondence, and explained the reasons.

"He wrote that though he may be a little bit guilty, but he had nothing else to do. He had a talk with the head of the colony, who told him to sign the papers for “voluntary work” and stop disobeying the administration. Vasil answered he was imprisoned for nothing, that's why he would not sign any papers and would not work for them. Then the prison head asked: "How long will you last?" to which Vasil replied: “Long enough for all of you” and got 5 more days in the black hole.”

As written by Mr. Parfiankou, he reads a lot and listens to the radio, but there is no TV set i his cell. He is prohibited to
receive the newspapers by subscription, but he is sent newspapers by the editorial offices of “Nasha Niva” and “Novy Chas”. Recently he has got two solidarity letters from Lithuania and Sweden, which made him very happy. However, Volha Mikalaichyk is upset that
was very happy, said Olga Mikolajczyk. At the same activist disappointed that Vasily little writing from Belarus:

"We will start a campaign of solidarity “Write
to Parfiankou”. "It is unacceptable that even friends forget about Vasil and show little support for him.

You can write to Vasil Parfiankou on the following address: 213410, Mahiliou region, Horki, correctional colony No. 9, cell No. 17, Parfiankou Vasil.

According to Ms. Mikalaichyk, people can also send books to the prisoner. He is interested in books about traveling,
cars, modern detectives.

Vasil Parfiankou is serving a one-year prison term for violating the rules of preventive supervision, established over him after conviction for the events of December 19, 2010. Human rights defenders in Belarus believe that Mr. Parfiankou is persecuted for his social activism.