Vasil Parfiankou: I have more than 20 violations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by

Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by

Human rights defender Anastasiya Loika has received a letter from political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou, who told her about his latest news.

In his letter to the human rights activist, Vasil Parfiankou, who is serving a sentence in the PKT (cell-type premises) of penal colony No. 9 in Horki, says that recently he was “once again called and asked to sign a commitment to law-abiding behavior and performance of legitimate claims of the administration”. “Once again, I refused, because what are their requirements, when I am here illegally,” says he.

Vasil Parfiankou also says that the only thing that annoys him a little is that because of his “violations” he can face supervision again. “The only question is for how long. If it’s six months, I may be OK, and if more, then I can come back here once more, and I would not like this,” says the prisoner.

As for amnesty, we also have rumors here. They say that they wrote about it in the newspapers, too. But is there any use? I don’t think anyone from the political prisoners will be amnestied. Although there is hope, though very little. I have more than 20 violations and I stopped counting them a long time ago, and I still got so little time left here, I’ll leave the PKT and then 53 more days and then home,” further writes Vasil Parfiankou.

Vasil Parfiankou was taken into custody on December 5, 2013 right in the courtroom after he was convicted under Art. 421 of the Criminal Code (“non-compliance with preventive supervision”). He was sentenced to one year of imprisonment in a penal colony in conditions of high security.