Russian State Duma member: Tsoi had his songs written by CIA

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United Russia’ member Evgeniy Fedorov claims that Viktor Tsoi was assisted by American intelligence officers in writing the ‘Changes’ song.

According to the parliament member, dozens thousands experts in the USA worked on the songs of the Kino band’s leader. They studied the situation in the USSR in order to pick the correct words and play on the listeners’ sentiment.

“Songs for Tsoi were professionally written in Hollywood in Russian… there was a whole CIA department working for him on breaking up the USSR”, - Evgeniy Fedorov said.

The parliament member believes that songs in different creativity periods of the famous rock-musician cardinally vary in sense. The deputy claimed that, having compared the lyrics of the songs ‘Aluminum cucumbers’ and ‘Changes’. The parliament member referred to studies by the Soviet KGB.