Pressurization of civic activist in Mikashevichy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Natallia Strazhevich. Photo by Radio "Racyja"

Natallia Strazhevich. Photo by Radio "Racyja"

Former candidate from the campaign "Tell the Truth " in Mikashevichy and a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Natallia Strazhevich can lose her job soon.

lia Strazhevich works as a cleaner in the secondary school No. 2, headed by Halina Sytsevich, who created unbearable working conditions for Natallia Strazhevich after the elections:

The schoolmaster slings to everything she can. Previously, there was no pretensions to me – everything was alright. I am a responsible person and conscientiously doing my job. But now, it is just psychologically impossible to work.”

According to Natal
lia Strazhevich, she was also denied employment in the company "Granit", though a member of the Brest Regional Council Eduard Haurylkovich recruited people to work:

He told me: I know you very well, you won't work. I need not to have any war at the enterprise, not what Dubanosau was doing here.”

These are the first steps
of the MPs Halina Sytsevich and Eduard Haurylkovich.

lia Strazhevich is sure Mikashevichy authorities and their supporters do everything to stifle public activity in Mikashevichy.

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