Brest: pressurization of the UCP candidates at the local elections continues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Iryna Siniapkina, who was nominated as a candidate of the United Civil Party, can be punished for an electoral picket held on February 24 in Brest.

reported by the chairman of the Brest regional UCP branch Uladzimir Vuyek, the local police inspector called her and said that he wanted to bring her the report for alleged administrative violation, and a subpoena.

As it turned out,
the case concerns the picket, which was held in Brest on February 24 to support another candidate of the UCP, Dyiana Kastsiukovich. The event was attended by the party leader Anatol Liabedzka. The law machinery stated that the picket was held in the place where such actions aren't allowed, and punished some of its participants. Dyiana Kastsiukevich and Yury Zhydovich were fined 10 basic units, and Uladzimir Vuyek – 25 units. Most probably, Iryna Siniapkina will be fined as well.

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