Unidentified people attack activists in Kurapaty

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Civic activists, who visit Kurapaty monthly in order to lay flowers on the graves of the innocently shot people, made a reprimand to young people, who arranged a picnic with a barbecue and alcohol near the crosses, Radio Svaboda reports.

The details came from a famous film director Volha Mikalajchyk.

“There were about seven of them, including two girls. To the reprimand they reacted aggressively, did not want to leave, at first they swore, and then started pushing and fighting. Several activists suffered, including Mikola Kupava. When a cinema operator came to the noise (he was making shootings for a film on Kurapaty), they attacked the camera and nearly broke it”, - she said.

A civic activist Ales Makajeu reported, that police was called to the place of the incident.

“They came quite fast, over 10 policemen. By the moment the situation somewhat calmed down. It ended without detentions”, - he said.

Civic activists in Belarus proclaimed 29 October the Commemoration Day of the victims of political repressions in the memory of 29 October 1937, when in one night NKVD shot about a hundred Belarusian writers and culture figures. Starting from 2007 activists light candles and lay flowers in Kurapaty on the 29th of each month.