Salihorsk activist of the United Civil Party again appeals actions of the district newspaper at the Office of Prosecutor General.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Office of the Prosecutor General forwarded to the Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office the appeal of Deputy Chairman of the Minsk regional organization of the UCP Viktar Malochka concerning a violation by the district state-owned newspaper “Shakhtsior” of the Law “On Applications of Citizens”.

Since July 2013, Mr. Malochka demanded that the newspaper abide by the law and publish the articles dedicated to the necessity to build a new polyclinic and the negligent reconstruction of Bahamolau Street. He has received no answer from the newspaper to his official inquiry and appeals to the prosecutors' offices took many months.

The latest answer was received from the Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office, though Mr. Malochka applied to the Prosecutor General. Minsk regional prosecutor Laurukhin found no violations of the law in this case, though the activist still hasn't received an answer from the newspaper. He was told that the editorial office of the newspaper had an asnwer for him and he was to come there and take it.

“I strongly disagree and insist that the answer be sent to me as required by the applicable law”, commented the activist.

If the prosecutor's office rejects his appeal, Mr. Malochka intends to sue the newspaper.