Homel human rights activist fighting to save Roma family

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Maryia Klimovich (Bahdanovich), an activist of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, received a response from the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the Homel Regional Executive Committee. The activist urged the head of the department, Iryna Bahdanets, to assist in reviewing the decision to terminate the parental rights of Liubou Makarava, a representative of the local Roma community.

The response, signed by the department head, says that the decision was made "on the basis of the opinion of the medical-advisory committee, issued by a state health care organization, on a list of diseases which do not allow parent to fulfill their parental responsibilities".

According to the human rights activist, the medical commission, which recognized Makarava insane, during a conversation with the latter was not sufficiently attentive. "For a few months, Liubou was afraid that her children could be taken away because of poor living conditions. And she is an emotional woman. She saw the commission and was confused."

The human rights activist believes that Liubou Makarava should be reexamined by more competent doctors, Maryia Klimovich told to "Homel Viasna" quoting the gomelcivil.org website.