Another prosecutor’s warning to independent journalist

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Yury Dziashuk

Yury Dziashuk

On February 19, Yury Dziashuk was once again summoned to the Prosecutor's Office, where the journalist received an official warning, referring to a ban on working for foreign media without accreditation, as well as the inadmissibility of publication of unverified information. The journalist, however, could not obtain a written copy of the warning, the press-service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists reports.

During a previous visit, which took place on February 10, the Prosecutor’s Office of Lida district interviewed the journalist about his work.

Taking advantage of his legitimate right, the journalist refused to answer some questions, while explained that he had been working with the media as a freelancer, and his materials can be found on many Belarusian websites, as well as in newspapers and magazines.

Yury Dziashuk has been working with local and national editions, such as “Lidskaya Hazeta”, “Pryniomanskiya Vestki”, "Lidski Letapisets”, and the website