Will elections be non-alternative in Karma?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

February 10 the reception of documents from the people willing to become candidates for deputies of local councils came to an end.

Most probably, the elections in the Karma district of the Homel region will be held according to the principle "one constituency – one candidate". As reported by the district newspaper “Zara nad Sozham”, 125 sets of documents were filed to the election commissions by potential candidates: 91 people intend to run for the village councils, 33 – for the district council and 1 – for the regional council.

This almost matches the number of the seats in the area – 91 seats in the village councils and 32 – in the district council. According to the newspaper, 52.8 % of potential candidates are acting members of local councils.

The general numbers in the Homel region look more optimistic. At present, there are 145 contenders for 60 seats in the regional council (2.4 persons per seat). 109 contenders have already filed documents for registration as candidates for the 40 seats in the Homel City Council (2.7 persons per seat). These figures can change if some sets of the documents will be rejected by the election commissions. The registration of candidates ends on February 20.

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