No oppositionists in Babruisk PECs

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Vote count on April 25,2010 at PEC No. 34

Vote count on April 25,2010 at PEC No. 34

The situation with the formation of election commissions in Babruisk is getting worse: this time the commissions don't include any representatives of the democratic community. At the same time, as usual, there are many representatives of pro-government organizations and associations.

In the Leninsk
i district, there are 51 precinct commissions, consisting of 5-15 people. Most members of the commissions were nominated by voters. The places of work of the commissions' members aren't published. There are somewhat fewer nominees of labor collectives. Most of them are educators, workers of the library system, employees of “Belposhta” (“Belarusian Post”). At the same time, there are also many workers of public utilities, construction and woodworking enterprises, power engineering and employees of "Mahiliouenerga".

are commission composed entirely of members of one labor collective. For example, PEC No. 8 included only employees of the maternity hospital, PEC No. 9 of workers of sanatorium named after Lenin, PEC № 18 – of employees of the interdistrict building plant, PEC № 19 – of employees of the ambulance hospital named after Marzon, PEC № 40 – members of the Belarusian State Economic University.

Also, the
PECs of the Leninskiinclude 39 representatives of "Belaya Rus" and "Red Cross" , 34 representatives of the Belarusian Union of Women, 31 –from the Belarusian Peace Foundation, 27 – from the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, 18 – from a variety of pro-government unions (mainly from the Belarusian Trade Union of Education and Science), 11 – from the Belarusian Veterans Association and three persons from the Union of Afghan War Veterans, the Communist Party of Belarus and the Party of Labor and Justice.

In Per
shamaiski district, 55 PECs were formed, each consisting of 9-15 people. In the Pershamaiski district, the greatest number of commission members were nominated by collecting voters' signatures, their occupation is not reported. Another large part is the nominees of labor collectives.

55 members of the PECs represent "Belaya Rus", 49 – pro-government trade unions
(as in the Leninski district, most of them are trade unions of educational institutions ), 41 are from the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, 38 – from the Belarusian Union of Women, 35 – from the Republican party of Labor and Justice, 22 – from the Belarusian Association of Veterans, 7 – from the Belarusian Peace Foundation, 5 – from the Belarusian Union of Afghan War Veterans, 2 – from the public association "Veterans of War and Labor", 1 – from the city organization "Soldiers-internationalists".

It looks as in the Pershamaiski district there are also PECs formed of members of one labor collective, diluted by members of "Belaya Rus" and BRYU. Employees of schools and health clinics have traditionally constituted the largest percentage of members of the election commissions.

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