Bykhau: Siarhei Antonau complains about dishonesty of his rivals

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Writer and journalist Siarhei Antonau

Writer and journalist Siarhei Antonau

Contender for a candidate to the Mahiliou Regional Council at Bykhau city constituency No. 14, member of the BPF Party Siarhei Antonau says that members of initiative groups of pro-government candidates misinform electors.

"When collecting signatures for
my nomination as a candidate to the regional council, I constantly hear the voters telling me that "they have already voted" by signing for another candidate to,” says Siarhei Antonau. “And it's not their personal opinion. The voters cite the words of members of the electoral teams of the pro-government candidates, who took their signatures and warned them that they could not sign for other candidates, deliberately telling lies. After such "explanation" of the Electoral Code is very difficult to convince the voters that it is not true.

In at least ten apartments in Hryshyn Street in Bykhau, voters told me about such “explanatory work” of members of electoral teams of my opponents. I put down the numbers of the apartments and am thinking of preparing a complaint to the constituency election commission.”
Apart from
the initiative group of Siarhei Antonau, constituency election commission No. 14 registered the initiative groups of the candidates for the Mahiliou Regional Council Barys Tsyporyn, director of CJSC "Belatmit ", Vital Kavalenka, director of "Hrudzinauski Food Plant” (distillery) and activist of "Tell the Truth" Tatsiana Bulanava. According to information of HRC “Viasna”, the electoral team of the latter candidate doesn't collect signatures for her candidacy.

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