Baranavichy: campaigning is allowed in the old city park

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Baranavichy: ground for election campaigning in the old city park

Baranavichy: ground for election campaigning in the old city park

On February 7 the Baranavichy City Executive Committee published its regulation No. 242 for January 31 on the definition of places for campaigning for candidates for local councils. As in the previous campaign, the list of places is quite short and not too diverse.

Candidates for the parliamentary seats are entitled to campaign in only one place – in the old city park, on the ground from the side of Tsaruk Street.
They can also hold electoral meetings indoors, in the offices of housing maintenance services and halls of industrial enterprises, after receiving agreements of their administration.

“During the election campaign in 2010 to the local councils, social activists and independent candidates for parliamentary seats got the city executive committee detemine one more place for campaigning, on the territory of Stsepanishchau park. However, in the current election the only place for campaigning is again the old city park, which is not equipped even with public toilets,” said Mr. Housha.

He added that representatives of political parties and public organizations would seek not only improvement of the old park , but also for the expansion of the list of places for agitation.

Photo: dysfunctional playground of the old park near Tsaruk Street is the place for campaigning for candidates to local Councils.

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