Political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok denied food parcel

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The administration of Mahiliou prison, where Mikalai Dziadok is kept, refused to accept a food parcel for him. The information came from the political prisoner’s spouse, Valeryia Khotsina, RFE/RL reports.


We sent him a parcel: some Snickers, cigarettes that he asked for, tea. He told that it was allowed to send him a parcel, but now we received a note that the parcel was coming back. They did not accept it, we do not yet know why. It turns out that the parcel with book was allowed and this one was not,” she said.

Earlier relatives sent Mikala
i Dziadok several books. According to him, he read all the books of the prison’s library that were of his interest.

“In his latest letter Mikala
i did not complain about health problems”, Valeryia Khotsina said.

should remind that Mikalai Dziadok, as well as Ihar Alienievich, Aliaksandr Frantskievich, and Maksim Vetkin, were convicted by the Zavadski District Court of Minsk Zavadski on 27 May 2011. They were found guilty of committing crimes under the part 2 of the article 339 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (malicious hooliganism) and part 2 of the article 218 of the Criminal Code (defilement of property in a generally dangerous way and on an especially large scale). They were charged with a number of attacks at buildings and arsons, in particular holding a non-authorized anti-war action near the building of the Defense Ministry in 2009, throwing Molotov cocktails to the territory of the embassy of Russia in Minsk and the building of the detention center in Akrestsin Street in 2010.

Human rights activists consider the verdict for Mikala
i Dziadok and other prisoners of this case to be politically motivated and consider Mikalai Dziadok a political prisoner.