BPF members in Pinsk district refuse to run in “elections”

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Members of the BPF party from Pinsk announced their final decision at the regional assembly of the party in Brest.

Pinsk was represented by Aliaksandr Ramanovich and Aliaksandr Auseyenka (a member of the Pinsk city council in 1991-1999). Auseyenka emphasised the importance of breaking the “information blockade”, but not through playing into the hands of the authorities, the local website Media -Polesya writes.

“The elections will be held in a usual way. There's no sense in running in the poll. Nothing has changed,” Aliaksandr Ramanovich said. “Maybe the authorities need opposition candidates as window dressing, but people want real elections, suspense and struggle. Unfortunately, the local authorities are not ready for it.”

On the contrary, young BPF activists are convinced of the necessity of running in the elections. However, they don't want to be candidates due to the age and the lack of experience.