Yauhen Vaskovich visited by mother and grandmother

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Yauhen Vaskovich

Yauhen Vaskovich

Yauhen Vaskovich’s mother, Rushaniya, tells little about her recent visit to the Mahiliou-based prison No. 4, where her son is serving a seven-year term.

“You understand how such meetings are held, through the glass, through the phone, it makes it difficult to talk openly,” says Ms. Vaskovich. “But Yauhen was always sincerely, heartily smiling, as in the days when he was free. Lost weight a little, but he has always been thin, so I can’t speak of a large weight loss. Naturally, it is clear that he lacks the sun, vitamins, like anyone behind bars.”

Yauhen’s mother says that the problem with receiving newspapers remains relevant for her son.

“The prison chief told him to pay for the newspapers from his personal account, subscribing to them directly. That is, his needs are met. And I cannot say why he spends so much time in solitary confinement, Yauhen does not tell about it. He tells a lot about his friends, remembers everyone and thanks for their support,” says Ms. Vaskovich.

Together with his mother, Yauhen was visited by his grandmother. The visit lasted about two hours.