Haradok: political activist Leanid Autukhou detained due to anonimous denunciation

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Leanid Autukhou

Leanid Autukhou

In the Haradok District Police Department Mr. Autukhovich was showed a letter signed by the word "Anonymous". The letter stated that he was preparing a protest action in the city. As a result the BPF activist was held at the DPD for three years, until the departure from Haradok of hte regional authorities who came there to meet with disgruntled local businessmen.

Mr. Autukhou believes his detention is directly related to that visit of the regional authorities: “We've got a serious problem – the market in the town center has been closed, and the entrepreneurs are told to move to the stadium near the college, where there are only the puddles and mud. There is no electricity, no water, not even a fence. Therefore, they do not want to move there and work in dirt up to their knees. On January 8 the entrepreneurs have filed another complaint to the executive committee, because from the beginning of the month all of them, about 80 people, have been unemployed. I talked to them outside the executive committee, but they told me that they didn't want their problems mixed with any political activity, and even asked me to leave. I left. But today, on January 9, I drove my car to meet the journalists who were interested in the problem with the market. I was stopped on the road without any explanations. Only at the police station was I shown this anonymous letter.”

Mr. Autukhou doesn't know who wrote the letter. However, it cannot be ruled out that it could be done by the police themselves, as the arrival of the regional authorities in Haradok was expected on January 9, and the police did not want to have any troubles:

"I was groundlessly kept at the police station. They wanted me to give explanations concerning something that was written in some anonymous letter. However, under the law, anonymous letters are not considered. I lost some time and did not manage to help the people who expected me to lead them in an unfamiliar city. I was qeustioned under Article 23.34 concerning the plans to hold an unsanctioned rally. However, there were no actions, and one cannot be judged just for intentions. However, as it turned out, explanations can be taken on this basis. The reason is that a very nervous situation is forming in Haradok due to the preparation to the conduct of the state fair “Dazhynki-2013".

The conflict at the market is also related to “Dazhynki”. The entrepreneurs were told that the market looked shabby and a new shopping center would be built in its place. However, then it became know that no shopping center would be built due to the lack of money. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs aren't allowed to return to the market, being evicted to the stadium until spring, when the stadium reconstruction before “Dazhynki-2014” will start.