Members of Brest City Councils ignore electors' appeals

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

About 40 members of the Brest City Council failed to respond in the term specified by the Law “On Citizens' Applications” to the applications submitted by members of the public initiative “Social Office”.

As reminded by an activist of the “Social Office” Yury Zhydovich, the MPs were asked to tell how many times they had met with their electors, in which form they reported to the people and how they informed the citizens about the date and time of presentation of their reports.

The activists of the civil initiatives regard the neglect of these applications as a violation of the law, as according to the law the deputies were to have responded within 15 days. The legislation allows for extending this term up to one month in case an additional study of the issue is needed. However, the addressees of the application must inform the applicants about it.

Let us remind that the letter to the members of the Brest City Council was sent on 12 November in the framework of the campaign "People's Control".