Orsha authorities ban a picket against the destruction of a park

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Orsha District Executive Committee banned a picket, initiated by the social activists YuryNahorny and Ales Shutau. They intended to hold the picket on 12 December to protect the park in the neighborhood "Charomushki" where trees are demolished to build another multi-stored house.

The reason for the ban
on the picket is the absence of the contracts for the guarding, health care and clean up after the action. According to one of the applicants, Ales Shutau, the authorities demand that the applicants enter into service agreements with the appropriate state agencies:

"According to the logic of the authorities, it is necessary to conclude contracts by paying money. And after that you can
still be prohibited to hold the action. However, the most outrageous thing is that the procedure of the preparation for the mass events established by the authorities is unfulfillable. The district executive committee requires that contracts with the police, medics and janitors be concluded in advance, while these agencies agree to enter into such contracts only after the authorization of the action by the executive committee, and none of them make any concessions.”

The Piyanerau Park between Molakau and Parkavaya Streets is split into two parts by Partyzanskaya Street. This green zone is the only place where they can stroll with the kids and take a breath of fresh air. This summer they saw a fence on the territory of the park, after which the trees started being cut down. The residents of “Charomushki” applied to the journalists of the local website orshatut.by, and the mystery hidden behind a fence, was revealed: the city authorities permitted the construction of a multi-stored house right in the park.

Orsha residents are outraged that their interests are not taken into account by anyone. However, teh district executive committee prohibits to discuss the ways to protect the park. And it's not the only problem which is prohibited to discuss with the townspeople. In particular, in late October, the local activists intended to hold a picket due to the urgent need for the repair of a bridge accross the Dnieper, and also received a written ban. Now they are waiting for the consideration of their appeal against the ban at court, as they believe that by banning their action the executive committee violated their right to hold mass events, freedom of expression and dissemination of information.