Slonim District Executive Committee has banned 5 pickets already

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Ales Masiuk

Ales Masiuk

The official correspondence between the civil activist Ales Masiuk and the executive committee continues, Mr. Masiuk continues filing applications for pickets, whereas the authorities still reject them.

In November, he filed as many as five such applications. He intended to hold the pickets during five days, on 3-7 December, in order to protect the right of citizens of the Slonim district to subscribe to the regional newspaper “Hazeta Slonimskaya” at "Belposhta" (“Belarusian Post”, the state monopolist on the distribution of printed periodicals by subscription) buy it at the kiosks of the state monopolist on the sale of newspapers, "Belsayuzdruk". The executive committee turned down all these applications. This time the officials state that the applicant inaccurately determined the place of the pickets. Ales Masiuk doesn't give up – recently he has submitted two new applications, for holding pickets on 17 and 18 December.

On 11 December HrodnaRegional Court will consider his cassation appeal against the verdict of Slonim District Court concerning the ban on one of his earlier pickets. As usual, the district court took the side of the authorities in the case.